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Let's face it, the weather can change your day dramatically. Plan ahead with navigation + weather combined to easily see the forecast for where you're going. We use leading weather data sources to give you the relevant information you need.

Estimate Horsepower Potential with the Motorift Engine Simulation

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Blueprint your engine before you build

Use the Motorift Engine Simulation to understand more about your specific engine combination and relationship between parts.

Estimate performance differences from changes in the weather

See how weather and air density affect engine performance. Estimate 1/4 mile times and power potential at various weather conditions.

Part Sizing Calculators

Use time tested math to learn about your engine combination. Exhaust, fuel system and intake calculators.

Boost and tune

Learn how increased boost and tuning parameters will change performance.

Legacy version and Beta versions now available

Beta Version

This is the newest version. It's still under major development but is available if you want to help with beta testing Download it here

Legacy Version

This version no longer sees regular updates but it remains available Download it here

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