Simple Pricing

Pay as you go.

89 Octane

Sync 200 rides with cloud apps


110 Octane

Sync 500 rides with cloud apps


3 month off season

Low Fuel Light

Sync up to 20 rides with cloud apps


This is a really new app. The pricing and features are still changing. As of 4/29/2019 these plans aren't actually active. Everything is $0 while it's in beta test preview mode.

MOTOrift is just a project I'm working on, no big companies are behind it. If you're so bored you'd like to read about me go here.

It consists of a few different apps, one to record and view quicks stats and other apps to select from anywhere on your route and see details about it. Syncing them makes it all work better and you can always keep your data saved locally.

When the project is further along this page will have more details about the features and pricing. Right now the payment page in the app is a $5 donation, buy me a couple gallons of gas if you like the app.

I started working on it a few years ago, you can read more about the history of the project here. If you just want to get started go here. If you wanna have a really good time put the screen down and go ride!

Thanks for trying the apps I really appreciate it!


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