Choosing a map style

1/10/2022 By Josh Willuhn

The Motorift motorcycle data logger let's you choose from a variety of map types and styles within each type. Choose from map types terrain, navigation, satellite and "standard" Mapbox maps.

Terrain maps

These maps put a focus on outdoor activities . They have more natural feature labels, more off-road trails and contour lines to mark elevation changes.

Navigation maps

These maps are tailored more for getting around town or a road trip. Highway labels are more prominent, natural features are have less visual impact.

Satellite maps

These maps are what they sound like, a satellite view of the world.

Map styles

Within each map types are various map styles, choose between them and your choice will reflect across both motorift apps and the web dashboard.

To change your map style open map mode, toggle the main menu (middle button, right side) and select map style.



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