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November 17, 2020

My name is Josh Willuhn I'm an independent software developer from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I started MOTOrift for the same reasons you're probably using it, I love motorcycles and there isn't much that compares to a good day exploring the world on one.

I wanted to make a motorcycle companion app that compliments your ride without getting in the way. I'm also a classic car owner and so to that end MOTOrift isn't just for motorcycles it works with cars and trucks too. I've started with a motorsports datalogger app, it records GPS and IMU gravity data while you ride to create a 'motion profile' of your riding style.

Data is great but you need to be able to use it. To accomplish that goal I've developed some data analysis tools in the form of a couple of companion apps, one for Android and another for the web.

You can access stats and times about your ride, heatmaps from your motion profile gravity data, point to point data exploration and a growing collection of tools to learn about your riding style.

Other features include a gear ratio calculator, wind chill calculations, weather data and soon - some navigation features.

A Different Approach

I try to take a different approach to MOTOrift than other projects I've worked on. I treat MOTOrift like one of the aftermarket parts companies that keep this hobby going.

In practice that means putting customer's interests first. It's true that, without a certain volume of paying customers every month, this app won't survive but I'm not so reliant on getting every person across the country to use it that I have to stop serving bikers and car enthusiasts.

A work in progress

When I started MOTOrift I named it RideData and released the first version of the app within a few months of starting on it. I learned tons of great things from doing that. I took it all back to the drawing board and eventually started MOTOrift.

The first app taught me tons about expectations and what people are looking for in an app like this. At some point it began to sorta take on a life of its own and has grown to the app before you today.

The curvy road

I've put tons of effort into this app but it still has a few issues here and there that show up. I'm redesigning parts of it and challenging myself to turn it into something even better.

If you ever have any problems, questions or feedback please don't hesitate to reach out. There's a messaging screen in the app and on the website and I'm @motorift on Twitter and Instagram.



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