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12/23/2021 By Josh Willuhn

Hello and welcome! Motorift is a motorcycle companion app. It records GPS and IMU data while you ride and has tools to help you learn about your riding style. Use it to plan your route and see weather along your planned route.

To get started, open the app, create a new ride, start recording data and go for a ride.

The two main modes of the app are "data mode" and "map mode". Scroll down and select map mode to open it, it's the first option after the speed graph. Otherwise keep scrolling for data options and to change your app theme.

From map mode you can customize the map, toggle options like speed and select a map style

After you get done riding, press stop and you'll be given the option to sync your ride with your cloud account. After you sync your ride use the cloud companion app and web dashboard to access indepth ride analysis features.

Use the cloud companion apps to access all of the data analysis features such as the data maps as detailed below.

Motorift is still in active development and features are still being developed. If you experience any problems or have questions about the app please don't hesitate to contact support.

Pricing and features

Motorift is a premium product, it isn't supported by ad revenue and some features require a monthly subscription.

With a free account you can save up to 100mb to your cloud dashboard and access many free features on a limited basis.

Premium account upgrades enables weather, navigation and 1000 mb save space to your cloud account. See the pricing page for more details.



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