Welcome to the Motorift Engine Simulation

This is the simple version, try the full app here

It uses engine airflow (cid and rpm), an engine tune (air:fuel, bsfc, and boost or vacuum) and weather to estimate horsepower from the amount of air moving through the engine.

The parts calculations are estimates and "minimum" sizes. This is just a collection of calculators. The best way to use it is to find your stock calulations (bsfc, boost) and then add modifications or weather changes

Weight and drivetrain loss are used in the 1/4 mile estimate

Engine Size and Speed

Engine Tune



These are minimum size to support the horsepower and of course these are estimates and nothing is written in stone what will or will not work

Header primary size is for peak torque at the RPM you selected

Download the app or use the browser app (login to motorift.com) for a more advanced version of the engine simulation.