How to Learn From Your Data

1/13/2022 By Josh Willuhn

At it's core Motorift is a motorcycle data logger and GPS tracker app. It records GPS and IMU data while you ride. To get started see Welcome to Motorift

IMU data, also called gravity data, measures how much you move or accelerate and in which direction. The data is collected from 3 sensors with 3 axes each.

After you record data while you ride, you can review it with the Motorift cloud companion app to learn about your riding style from it.

What gets recorded

The three IMU sensors are accelerometer, gyro and magnetic or compass. The accelerometer measures how hard you accelerate in a straight line. The gyro measures how hard you turn or change directions. The two are similar but the difference becomes apparent once you look at the data. The magnetic or compass sensor measure when you turn and what direction.

Each of those sensors has three axes, roll, pitch and yaw. Roll spikes when you lean over in a corner. Pitch spikes when you go up a hill or ride a wheelie. Yaw is the rotational movement, if you were doing a donut you are constantly changing the yaw.

3 sensors 3 axes from each

Each axis is represented in each sensor. By examining the data you can learn from it and learn about your riding style by identifying trends. Learning from your riding style through data can help you improve your riding skills.

See trends in your riding style

Motorift won't teach you how to ride better but it can help you learn about the way you ride and you'll improve your riding skills.

To learn more about how to sync your ride and access the analysis tools see How to make a Heatmap from your Data



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