MOTOrift High Performance IMU+GPS Data Logging for Motorcycles and high performance vehicles Start Here

Create heatmaps from your riding style.

Track Your Ride

Record GPS and IMU data for a complete motion profile from your ride


See where you were turning harder, accelerating faster and riding to the limit - or coasting in traffic


MOTOrift is currently in beta mode, pricing is planned to be in the $7 a month range for free account limits lifted.

Corner Analysis

See your riding style in a new light with turn by turn, point to point analysis.


See your times, 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 60 ft, 0-60 and more

Export your data

It's your data use it how you want. Export to use in Adobe CC or Google Earth.

PIN Secure

Enable an optional PIN to secure the apps while using them

Cloud Secure

Erase your phone, delete the app and still keep your synced data in your MOTOrift cloud account

App Collection

We split MOTOrift into three apps, two for using your data and one for a live view and recording data to give you the highest quality features

Visualize Motorcycle Motion

Learn about your riding style. Improve your skills.

Start Here

Download MOTOrift, this app does RideData recording and some light analysis. Once downloaded, start recording and go ride your motorcycle


MOTOCloud Android App

After you record some data you'll be ready to sync with the cloud and dive in for further more detailed ride analysis and times


MOTOCloud Web App

Sign up for a MOTOCloud account so you can sync your data and view in-depth analysis of your riding style

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Engine Simulation

The legacy version of our Android Engine Simulation calculator, the web version is available upon sign up. A new version is being developed!


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If you have any questions at all start up a new chat and say hello! We're here to help you.

Not Convinced? Keep reading!

MOTOrift is free to try and save up to 100 MB of rides to your ride cloud. For more space, prices start at $7 a month for a whopping 4 GB or 4,000 MBs. It's all premium service around here with no ads and we respect your data privacy.

MOTOrift is independently owned, operated and created. No big corporations here and we treat your data with the respect you deserve!

With motion profile heatmaps you can see where you were riding smooth and where you went full send

Gravity Data

MOTOrift uses the IMU sensors or gravity sensors in your phone to record your motion profile

Look at Your Ride

You can zoom in on your data and see what corners you took hard and where you were riding smooth

The Result are Awesome!

If you're just commuting or you see your vehicle as another appliance, this ain't the app for you

Movements to Data

With MOTOrift every time you move it's recorded as a number that represents how you were moving. If you lean hard into a corner it'll be a bigger number than if you have a cop behind you and you're trying to ride easy

Motion Maps

Those movement numbers are then stored, analyzed and processed back to you so you can learn about your riding style.

Motorsports telemetry has been around for decades, we're dedicated to bringing it to your bike, project vehicle, racecar or classic

As you learn to analyze your RideData you'll become a better rider.

Use MOTOrift to build a motion profile so you can identify trends in your riding style, through a set of corners, launching at the track or just riding your favorite canyons.

MOTOrift is available as a beta mode, it's beast mode if you ask us but Google's Play Store calls it beta or early release

No matter what you call it the fact is a few features (including this website) aren't complete yet. We're hard at work on it and appreciate your understanding!

If you ever need help use the message button in the bottom right corner of this screen to start a chat and say hello, we're here to help!


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