Ride Smarter with Motorift's powerful data logging

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Track Your Rides

Record and track all of your motorcycle rides, including GPS and IMU data

Lap Timer

Use lap timer to compare data from different laps and see how your performance is improving

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Speed data heatmaps

Graphs and heat maps to visualize your riding style, including speed data heat maps with turn-by-turn analysis tools that allow you to delve deeper into your ride data and help you visualize your riding style. Download it here

Remember your ride with GPS + IMU Data logging

Cloud dashboard to sync data for detailed ride analysis and turn-by-turn data

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Learn about your Riding Style

Use data generated while you ride to learn about how you ride and use that knowledge to ride better.

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Road Awareness

Navigation that allows you to find the best route for your ride. You can even see what the weather will be like along your route, so you can plan accordingly.

Share and Export

Share your live location with friends or family. Export your data to use in other apps like Google Earth or Adobe After Effects

MOTOrift is Two apps, one for recording data one to review your ride

Record Your Ride

The MOTOrift data logger records data to use with the MOTOrift cloud app Download it here

Review Your Ride

Review recorded data and dig into analysis and stats about your ride Download it here

Directions and weather forecast for your road trip or commute

Ride Longer

Plan your ride

Directions and weather forecast for your destination and along your chosen route

Cloud Dashboard

Sync your data for detailed ride analysis and turn by turn data from your ride.

10+ Map types

Choose from a variety of map types and styles. Customize your experience with custom map options, choose what color parks, water and off-road trails display as. Choose between off-road topography maps, city navigation apps and more!

Lap Timer

Time laps around your favorite track and compare laps

PIN Secure

Keep your data secure with a PIN code while you record

App themes

Choose from various app themes to fit your style

3d Maps and Data Graphs

See your ride with 3d data maps and graphs

Try MOTOrift for free

Try a free trial of all premium features. Some features are free forever so you won't lose your rides even if you don't upgrade.

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