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You Love Your Bike

Who wouldn't? It's a hand crafted, highly tuned, finely customized piece of motorcycle art with some madness sprinkled on top. You put your blood, sweat and cuss words into it and you get a loyal friend and trustworhty companion in return.

Keeping track of 1/4 mile times, 60 ft times, 0-60 times and a confidential GPS log without the BS was the goal for MOTOrift and hopefully you'll agree it's an app worthy of your bike.

Connected Motorcycle

  • Record GPS tracks and analyze performance
  • Track performance stats from your ride - 1/4 mile, 0-60 times and more
  • Select anywhere from your ride to get a detailed performance view from Point A to Point B
  • Record IMU (gravity) data while you ride, see how hard you accelerate, stop or turn
  • Real wind chill feel from your speed and conditions
  • Secure the app by PIN and your GPS tracks in a personal cloud account
  • Android required, optional web based cloud app and storage
  • Engine Simulation

  • Plan future vehicle modifications
  • Estimate horsepower potential from a given engine combination
  • 1/4 mile prediction tool to predict performance
  • Use 1/4 mile times from the Connected Motorcycle App to predict future performance under different weather conditions
  • Compare cylinder head and cam performance
  • View suggested intake and exhaust sizing
  • Estimate horsepower including weather
  • Web browser and Android versions
  • MOTOrift is dedicated to one thing, performace

    Not just a GPS Data logger for your motorcycle, muscle car, truck, rock crawler or project car but an Engine Simulation Virtual Dyno too

    Plan engine modifications, estimate horsepower before you build and get an indepth analysis of your high performance vehicle with GPS and gravity or IMU sensors so you can see a motion profile of your ride

    Connected Motorcycle

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