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MOTOrift is a collection of cloud apps for your motorcycle, classic car or high performance vehicle

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GPS Data Logging

Record GPS tracks for in depth performance analysis

Performance Analysis

View performance data, stats and fastest times.

Engine Simulation

Estimate horsepower, weather based 1/4 mile predictions and more!

Track your performance

It's the important things in life you need to keep track of, like your 1/4 mile and 60ft times!

GPS + IMU Data Logging

GPS Tracking


Maps and stats

Engine Simulation

Data logging and analysis

Record your GPS and IMU data while you ride your motorcycle or go on a high performance drive, when you stop recording you can sync your data with our cloud apps and see performance stats and analysis.

Privacy Built In

Secure the app with a pin code in case your phone falls into the wrong hands.

Performance Analysis

1/4 Mile, 1/8 mile, 60ft, 0-60 times and more

IMU Data Logging

A look into your 'motion profile' for how hard you were accelerating, stopping or turning

Choose Any Two Points

Choose any two points from your ride to view and analyze the data between them

Gear Ratio Calculator

Use vehicles saved to the Engine Simulation app and compare gear ratios using your GPS data

Engine Simulation

Use the MOTOrift Engine Simulation to estimate horsepower, predict performance and plan engine modifications

1/4 Mile Predictions

Use your GPS data or a known ET, time and location to compare future 1/4 mile runs using weather and elevation

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Engine Simulation




  • Record performance stats from your ride
  • 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 60ft, 0-60 times and more
  • Motorcycle and High Performance Vehicle Data Logging
  • Real wind chill feel, see how cold it is at speed
  • IMU data logging, record your motion profile
  • Record acceleration profile, turning profile and speed together for an in depth analysis of your ride
  • Sync your ride with the cloud apps for more performance stats and further analysis
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  • View cloud synced rides from RideData
  • In depth analysis and performance details
  • Choose any two points from your ride for analysis of everything between them
  • Select from high points, one specific corner or anywhere else for performance details
  • Use your Engine Simulation vehicles with the gear ratio calculator to compare sprockets, rear end gears, wheel sizes or transmission gear ratios
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    Engine Simulation

  • Estimate horsepower from an engine combination
  • Compare data from potential engines, cams, cylinder heads
  • See suggested part sizing for performance goals
  • Time tested hotrod math
  • 1/4 mile predictions
  • Use current weather, weather history or forecast for more accurate 1/4 mile predictions
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    Cloud Sign Up

  • Cloud dashboard has synced rides from RideData and browser based Engine Simulation app
  • Sign up to sync your data between apps
  • View Performance Stats
  • Predict and compare 1/4 mile performance using weather history and current or future conditions
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    MOTOrift is a work in progress

    We're just getting warmed up!

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    Record GPS and IMU data with MOTOrift

    What is IMU data?

    Your phone has an IMU sensor built in that detects gravity or movement. It combines an Accelerometer, Gyro and Magnetometer sensor to give you a better idea of how you were moving. When used with a motorcycle or high performance driving you can see how hard you were accelerating, turning or stopping.

    To use MOTOrift hit the start button once you're on the main screen of the app

    Put your phone away safely, MOTOrift records data in the background, you can stop it from the app or the notification bar by pretting STOP



    View your speed

    Your average speed, distances and real wind chill all from the home screen

    Select the speed display after you stopped recording for a graph view of all of your speed data or cycle through to select any sensor data

    For further options and to see data between any selected location use the web dashboard or RideView companion Android app



    Refresh your recent 1/4 mile, 0-60, and 60ft times or select any time to see that dataset



    Toggle between sensors displayed, choose between Accelerometer, Gyroscope or Magentometer data.

    Each sensor displays X, Y and Z axis. X-axis is Roll , Y is Pitch and Z is Yaw

    To visualize roll data think of lying on the ground and rolling around, or on a motorcycle leaning left and right around a corner, it is what it sounds like. Pitch is for example when going up a steep hill you'll have more pitch than rolling down a flat road. To visualize Yaw, stand in one spot and spin in a circle.

    Each sensor represents a different type of movement, the accelerometer sensor detects acceleration. A moped or scooter doesn't acclerate as hard as a top fuel dragster. With Accelerometer data you can see how hard you were accelerating for each axis-direction.

    Gyroscope data is similar to acclerometer data but it measures "angular velocity"

    The Magnetometer is a compass sensor it detects changes in your direction.

    Together you have a 9 axis motion sensor right in your phone! To view your sensor data select any axis from the main screen

    Once you stop recording, select any sensor data to view a history graph view of all your data, the Android and web companion apps have more data viewing options



    To refresh the weather data, select the temperature square on the main screen. Select the wind chill side to open the detailed wind chill screen

    From the detailed wind chill screen you can see an estimate of what the actual wind chill feels like at any speed you choose.



    Select Miles to refresh your mileage.

    Average Speed, 1/4 mile and other times will also be refreshed. To view maps, more times and detailed analysis of your data try the RideView companion app or login to the web dashboard.



    Select a time and you'll be taken to the time screen.

    The comapnion app and web dashboard have more detailed ride analysis

    You can zoom in on your data and see a detailed analysis between any two points you select on the map of your ride



    Choose from settings like auto login and pin code protection.

    To sync your ride, create an account and login. Once you sync your ride you can see it from the other companion apps or web dashboard