RideData is Now MOTOrift

And It's All New! In July 2015, I started RideData, a motorcycle GPS datalogger that eventually was retired and I made an Engine Simulation or Virtual Dyno app still under the RideData name.  Now I rewrote the motorcycle gps app from scratch using everything I learned from the first one and I'm renaming the whole project to MOTOrift.

If you ever renamed something you know it's just a name.

Yay 🙄

If that's all it is. Rename your dog and he might stop responding to your call, it might not be the best move. But I'm renaming it AND releasing the next generation of it 😎

Well, it's really four apps because the GPS data logger, the recording app and detailed data viewing apps are separate from each other plus the web app or cloud storage app is sorta it's own thing that works with everything else..  That means with the engine simulation MOTOrift is now 3 Android apps and a web app that brings them all together to four apps!  It all needed a new name, it's finally closer to what I hoped for it to be years ago and RideData was cool for a name but it's time for something new. 

RideData is now what I consider the actual data to technically be, it's ride-data, it's a GPS log for when you ride your motorcycle .  But MOTOrift is the project, app or collection of apps that record and consumes that data. I wanted to split recording data and viewing data up so I can make different apps that consume the same GPS data. 

It takes what feels like forever to develop an app but I'm finally to the point of releasing the early version of MOTOrift.  It's a beta test or preview version, that means it's ready but I'm still testing it, squashing random bugs and working on some major features. But I wanted to start (quietly) testing it in public to get a feel for what bugs I need to work on and how to improve it. 

If you'd like to try it, download it here or keep reading the MOTOrift Getting started guide.