Who's Behind MOTOrift?

Why Was it Started? Is it whose or who's? Why should you trust My App? Those are the questions I'll try to answer in this article

Welcome to MOTOrift, allow me to introduce or reintroduce myself?

Hi, my name I'm Josh Willuhn. I'm from Colorado and MOTOrift is my baby. I made it to compliment my bike and project car. Like any good project, it's never really done. I started working on it in 2015 when it was RideData.net

My bike doesn't have a bunch of computers and on board GPS data logging because it's a somewhat older sport bike so I made something for it, eventually that something became MOTOrift (pronounced MOTO-rift in your best monster truck announcer voice).

When you use the app, you're trusting me with your data, I wrote this article 'what happens when you press start recording' but it doesn't answer the question you probably have:

"Why should I trust you with my data?"

That's something software developers like myself need to answer if we want people to use our apps. I try to provide transparency into it but that doesn't really say who I am or give you reason to trust me.

There's something inherently weird about saying "Hi, you can trust me" but with software it's more important than ever to know whose software you're downloading because of the nature of it all. I think it's important to at least acknowledge the fact apps aren't always trustworthy and tell you about how I've worked to make mine more trustworthy in general and secure.

Who am I? Why did I start MOTOrift?

MOTOrift started off as RideData but I decided it was time to change the name and I'm also releasing a completely new version of the gps data logger or motorcycle app at the same time. 

I started it because this is the type of thing I love to spend my time making. It combines motorcycles, something I can't get enough of with my project car and working on cars (the engine simulation), developing software and challenging myself to make something cool.

I started working on cars as a kid with my dad, I've always been pretty deep into cars and anything with wheels (to put it mildly) and these apps are sorta the product of that.

Why should you trust me with your data?

I'm biased when I attempt to answer that question. I did my best to make a trustworthy app and I put features like a pin code and remote cloud syncing in it to make it as cool as possible and secure too. I wanted to make something that would live up to my standard of security and safety when it comes to the Motorift app and the gps data that passes through it. I attempted to answer this question further with "what happens when you hit start recording" article over here…

There are no million dollar companies supporting MOTOrift.

Right now, I'm a completely independent software developer and I accept the challenges that come with it. That means no accountant is asking me how I plan to sell your data. I plan to charge for storage of rides beyond the free account limits but as of April 2019 it's a personal project and I accept $5 donations through the payment page on the web dashboard.

It means I work for you, if you have questions or feature requests or want to tell me about a problem, issue or bug you've found I'm an email away. motoriftapp@gmail.com accepts email 24/7 and I respond directly (not 24/7 though...).

I've made the apps free and storage beyond the base free account limits will cost a few dollars a month. It encourages you to delete your data or (hopefully) sign up for the premium account with more storage.

I've spent a lot of time developing MOTOrift

So the last thing I would want to do is abuse the data stored or the people who use it.

"That's what they all say" - what you're thinking.

It records sensitive data but it uses it in cool ways and the success of it all relies on your trust and it's extremely important to me that the app is trust worthy.

It's impossible not to acknowledge the shitty things shitty software developers have done with people's data though.

Your data is something I take seriously and I hope some of the other articles I've written will answer more of your questions but you can always hit me up at motoriftapp@gmail.com with any concerns or questions or comments whatever you'd like to say, I'm all ears.

Thanks for trying the app!

Read the Getting Started Guide Here