MOTOrift Help: What Happens When You Hit 'Start' Where your information goes, why you should care.

MOTOrift is a connected motorcycle app, it's a GPS datalogger, it uses the GPS sensor and IMU sensor in your phone to create a high performance analysis of your motorcycle ride.  You get stats like your 1/4 mile, 60ft and 0–60mph times (and more). Keeping that data secure is important and so is understanding what goes on behind the scenes when you hit "The Start Button" in the app . That's what I'll attempt to explain in this article without it being too boring.

The MOTOrift connected motorcycle app consists of a few apps, one to record data and get quick stats from your ride and others to use that data and see a more detailed analysis of your ride.

When you hit "Start Recording" on the app it starts recording your location to a database local to your phone. The GPS data and IMU or gravity data the app captures is stored on your phone only, at that point.

That's where it stays until you select Sync Data to sync the freshly recorded RideData with the optional cloud apps. It then puts that data into an individual ride file and sends it to a web server "the cloud" where it sits until you delete it or access it with the other apps for a more detailed analysis of your ride.

You would delete it from your phone and from the cloud app to get rid of it at that point. To permanently erase it from your phone reset or delete the app and restart your phone in you phone settings and with the cloud account apps delete the synced data from the website or Android app.

In future versions it'll send OPTIONAL occasional "data crumbs" to the cloud or web server for features that haven't been fully developed yet. The app will explain it further then.

For security sake, the first direct line of defense is an optional pin code on the app. It works like you might expect, activate it, set your pin and don't forget it. Then you'll have to (annoyingly) enter it when you're using the app. But so would anyone else hence the app is more secure than without it.   The more annoying it is, the more secure it is. And it's optional so you can decide how you want the app to behave.

If you lose your pin, it's gone and you'll have to reset the app. But anything synced to the cloud is still saved. 

You can delete or access your data anytime you'd like with a growing collection of apps.

Saving the actual rides on the webserver is where the most money on the day to day basis is spent running the app, so I (plan to...) have a free and premium account option with the biggest difference being the number of rides you can store.

I tried to design it to be secure and still cool to use. But it's a 4 digit PIN so I guess it is what it is.  Computer security is, to say the least, complicated 😐 and ultimately relies on people too. Like a trip to the race track you use MOTOrift at your own risk.

With the synced rides stored in the cloud they sit there and might get backed up but your data doesn't get sold or used outside your use for the app. 

I'm personally concerned about security so I wanted something I feel comfortable using. I made the app so of course I'm biased but I made it as secure as I could for my personal GPS tracks and data to be secure too. 

That's what happens when you hit the start recording button in the MOTOrift app. 

If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for trying the app! - JOSH