What to Expect from MOTOrift in 2021

by Josh Willuhn. January 1, 2021

2020 was bumpy for MOTOrift. I spent the first few months absolutely positively sure I'd launch the full version of MOTOrift by May. I was also working on an automotive repair SaaS product, I was planning to bootstrap both and soft launch two products in the first half of the year.

For a variety of reasons it didn't work out that way. I abandoned the automotive repair SaaS and focused my efforts on MOTOrift.

I'm glad I did!

The choice not to launch MOTOrift in 2020 was largely because of covid-19. People were being told not to ride their motorcycles, forests were getting shut down, interstate travel banned and so it didn't feel like the right time to launch.

Who could've predicted this? In retrospect it wasn't quite ready and the extra time spent on it before a full launch has been worth it. So 2021 is the year! I'm launching in spring because it's the best time to introduce a new motorcycle product.

What does that mean for MOTOrift?

Until launch, most MOTOrift features are free to use. Once I launch it I have to start charging because if too many people sign up I'll lose money.

The app will have free features still but limited cloud storage.

I'd rather launch when it's worth paying for the product and of course the market decides when that is, but I'm hopeful based on early feedback it's ready.

What comes next?

Weather data! The weather provider I was using is shutting down. Apple bought them and they'll no longer in service soon. So I'm converting to a different weather provider as soon as I decide on one.

Old route options. Loading an old ride is included in the next update and I'm expanding on it as part of the yet to be released live mode.

Live mode is almost ready, it's going to tie in with the spare phone bike alarm. Live mode will be a way to keep your friends or family updated where you're at.

The entry level price for everythibg will be right around $15 a month

I'm still finalizing what the initial offer is as far as pricing, features and limits go.

What else?

I'm starting a car forum for Mustang and classic Ford owners. I spent most of December further developing the platform/apps for it. It's a long term side project.

It's main purpose is to help people with their cars. I have some pretty cool plans for it. The old school car forums are really the inspiration for it vs say a Facebook group. What made an old car forum great was when someone shares information about a car repair it wouldn't be impossible to find later on.

Without that, it's hard to want to participate in a car group like on Facebook. A car forum was a knowledge base for that particular type of car and modern social media doesn't support that goal.

I'm not developing it for the sake of making a profit. Hell, I'm not even developing MOTOrift just to make a profit, I want to see it exist! I am developing MOTOrift as a product.

And the car forum not so much. Server space isn't free so I do have to find a way for it to support itself as a car forum. Maybe t-shirt sales? I don't know.

I've started the project four times at least, maybe more and stopped, scrapped what I had and forgot about it. But it's actually shaping up this time to be something usable that I'm proud to put my name on.

Who knows what the future holds?

By the end of the year the same thing that was true at the beginning still is; It didn't take a pandemic to make bikers appreciate how precious life is.

There's a freedom when you go lean into a corner just trusting the whole thing goes smooth takes confidence or you'll fuck up and crash. The problems of life feel less intense on the other side of making it through some challenging road. After some miles it's a freedom from fear because you made the last few corners and nothing is quite like it.

I'm preaching to the choir here

When I make MOTOrift have a live mode to keep your family updated. I'm hoping it helps my family when I'm out riding around too.

I wanted a gear ratio calculator, so I made one. That's why I'm building MOTOrift.

It's not the Taj Mahal. But I've never worked quite as hard on something as this. It will never be perfect but it's not too shabby either and I hope you agree!

Everyone needs a space to ramble

This is it for me. I hope 2021 lives up to the expectations we have built up for it during 2020. I know I'm ready for warm weather!

Well that's all I have for now. Thanks for reading this and like always please reach out with any feedback, through the app or email, social media @motorift do a burnout and send smoke signals, rev in morse code whatever works.



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