Updates October 2020

October 26, 2020 - by Josh Willuhn

Welcome or welcome back! This month has been a busy one. It's late October and at least in Colorado, that means it's snow season and it got here early this year. I'm a development team of one and colder weather means features get developed faster.

The year is almost over and I'm glad to have survived it in more ways than one. I'm really grateful to wake up and work on this app and try to make it a success.

MOTOrift is getting closer to being a true full version. It's an evolving project which means it won't ever be "done" but at some point I have to start charging for it. I have a pretty cool project roadmap lined up for it, MOTOrift will be a small collection of apps, eventually.

The boring stuff

This month I put most of my time into making the app keep track of some settings across all three apps and getting the groundwork for another round of updates built out.

The future

I'm planning on launching a live mode feature next. And the alarm I talked about the last few months will follow shortly after that. But I'm also getting more feedback about it and it needs more testing before it's really as cool as it can be.

The strategy

If I can't bring something relevant to the app with a feature, I'm better off leaving it out. That's a situation I also struggle with regarding the navigation and which direction to go for a route planner.

What I DO know...

Is the engine simulation app and some weather features in MOTOrift are going to stop working soon because Apple bought forecast.io who was providing weather data for the apps and they're shutting down on operations. I have to get them rolled over to a replacement weather API soon. Add in some mandatory changes Google forces me to make and the next few months will be some busy ones. Google has some rules (+30% fees) with in app payments I have to comply with to accept payments in the app. I spent time working on that this month too.

The daily battle

I'm always in a battle between making something cool, keeping up with operating system changes or outside api changes (ie Mapbox who provide the maps) and developing something new in a timeframe that makes sense to the rest of the project.

There are no shortcuts in life... or developing this app. Well that's all I have for an update blog this month. Thanks for tuning in.




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