MOTOrift Updates December 2020

By Josh Willuhn. 12/23/2020

December 2020 the most anticipated month of the decade. If you're reading this I hope you and your family made it through.

This project is getting closer to a full version. Soon it'll be a cloud service with multiple tiers.

The biggest changes to MOTOrift this month was to the "import ride" feature in the live map. You can choose one of your old rides and select anywhere on the route to load navigation right to that spot.

It just launches Google navigation right now but I might upgrade it to Mapbox later on. MOTOrift was never meant to be a navigation app persay, in part because of how limited I am in offering that kind of a service.

Pretty much every navigation app you see is using repackaged directions from another company like Google or Mapbox. The ability to add on is somewhat limited and they have rules that limit what can and can't be done. They charge a small fortune to use their services so I need to make sure it's worth doing and I can make a unique experience worth using. I'd probably develop a standalone app for directions and navigation.

What else?

I took a couple weeks to work on a side project. Incredibly irresponsible I know but the end results should be worth it.

It's a social media platform for car enthusiasts. I'll have more information on it later. I'm still on track to launch the full version of MOTOrift in March and with some luck, I'll have both apps launched by May.

Well, that's all I got for December's update. This year was a unique experience for everyone. I changed what I was doing a couple times. I took a month to focus on video editing. I failed to launch a business SaaS product I spent six months developing 🙄 And that's just some of the year. It was ups and downs but I made it. I won't complain or I might not stop haha.

That month without traffic at the beginning of motorcycle season will be something I never forget

Some people had their lives turned upside down or didn't even make it through the year. I think we all have high hopes for next year being better.

Thanks for reading this, supporting MOTOrift and I hope you have a good new year.




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