By Joshua Willuhn. 1/3/20.

Happy 1320 day and Welcome to the new MOTOrift blog! My name is Josh, I live in Colorado, I made MOTOrift because I love riding my bike, I have an 07 CBR600RR. There are more reasons beyond that but at the core of MOTOrift, that's what motivates me. I've been seriously slacking on starting a support help blog for this app. Part of the reason is because it's still in beta mode. It changes so quickly writing support articles didn't make much sense until recently. So I'm starting this blog. What can you expect?

I mostly plan to write about the app. How to articles, new features and maybe some articles about the development of it. It's also gonna be partially a personal blog and business blog, not advice but random thoughts or whatever I come up with.

For blog tools, if you're interested, I'm using a custom built static site generator I made. I'm working on implementing a full help section in the app and I wanted an app I'd actually use to write with so it took me a month but I made one. That's how dedicated to this blog I am!

It's easy to start a blog, sticking to it is harder. I'm planning an article a week at minimum for as long as I can sustain the momentum to pull that off in addition to everything else.

I appreciate everyone who tries the app!

I don't have any corporate sponsorships or anything right now it's all directly funded by people like you once I launch some premium features. I'm hopeful enough people will support the paid service it can fund further work on the app. But I can't give it away for free especially in the more completed form it'll be in soon.

With ad supported apps or apps that profit from so called data mining techniques, they typically treat people like the product and I don't want that for my app.

Ad supported apps cater to millions of people. I’m making something for a smaller dedicated group of enthusiasts. Big companies have a big overhead and I hope to use the nimble nature of my operation to offer a more unique product to a smaller but highly dedicated group of people.

Well that’s it for this blog intro, had to start somewhere right? I want to thank you for supporting this app and I hope you like my work!



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