MOTOrift: How To Record Data, Sync it and View Detailed Performance Data

It's easier than it sounds. If you're just tuning in, welcome! This tutorial shows you how to use MOTOrift the Connected Motorcycle app. It works with all kinds of high performance vehicles, it's a GPS and gravity sensor data logger.

If you're just getting started with MOTOrift the best guide is over here (LINK) or if you're familiar with the app and you just want to sync your data here (LINK)

Otherwise, open the app and follow the on screen prompts if it's your first time or press "Start +" on the ride list screen to create a new ride and press Start again on the home screen to begin recording. You'll see a notification in your toolbar. It's the only notification the app displays, no annoying alerts or anything.

Once you start recording, put your phone away safe and go for your ride like you normally would.  Motorcycles are dangerous. Driving is dangerous. This app should only be used when you're stopped, it records data in the background without any interaction from you.

When you park and you're in a place you can use your phone, open the app back up through the notification and press the stop button at the top of the screen (or from the toolbar). 

Now you can look through your data, if the mileage doesn't seem right tap the Miles square to refresh the data or scroll further down and press the hero image that says "Tap here to refresh". 

The recording app has limited details and no maps. If you sync your data with the web app or cloud account you can dig into your data and see further details about it. 

To sync your data with the companion apps scroll towards the bottom of the main screen after your 1/4 mile times and top speed, below the refresh data hero image, you'll see Cloud Sync. Tap there to save your ride to the cloud. If you aren't signed in you'll get to a screen to sign up or login. From the settings screen you can select auto login.

When your ride starts to sync with the cloud (it's being saved to a web server) you'll see a notification log that says "Upload Complete" when it's done. 

Now when you start the RideView app or login to the website your ride will be available. The plans for future versions of MOTOrift include other apps to record data and dedicated hardware that mounts to your bike, so the apps are split into two sides to prepare for that. 

From the RideView app, once you login you can save the ride to your phone, the standard cloud app includes 30 rides at no cost, and premium accounts are available for between $4 and $7/month (as of when I'm writing this 5/13/19 plans haven't really been activated quite yet)

If you stay under 30 cloud rides and save them to your phone it's free limited to the space on your phone. With a premium account you can help support the app being developed further and get more space to save to the cloud. 

I did that so it's fair you can use it for free or get more space for a few dollars a month. I don't sell any data or share it with anyone. 

There are some anonymous app stats collected for debugging the app. I use a third party service for that. If here's an error it sends me info about that error and the phone model. Doing that helps develop the app further so it doesn't crash while you're using it.

From the RideView app and web browser app you can view more stats about your ride and a detail map. Select, for example, a 1/4 mile time or a specific corner and see a detailed sensor and speed data from it. 

To view more stats and a map navigate through the home screen and select 1/4 mile times, 1/8 mile time for a list of your times. From that list you can select one to bring up a map view. From the map view select two markers to see the data between them.  For a better tutorial detailing it (LINK) 

To delete your ride from the cloud account, scroll to the bottom of the main screen and look for the recycle bin icon that says delete. 

If you want to save your ride to the RideView app, select settings from the main screen and select Save Ride or Load Ride. Then if you delete it from the cloud storage you'll still have it. 

The web app is similar, log in and you'll choose either RideData or the engine simulation app. If you choose RideData you'll have access to a browser based dashboard detailing and analyzing your ride. 

Thanks for trying motorift! For more tutorials go here.

Read the Motorift data logger getting started guide here.