Getting Started With MOTOrift

This guide will help you get started recording data with MOTOrift the Connected Motorcycle GPS Data Logger.

The MOTOrift platform consists of a few apps, use RideData to record data and RideView or the website dashboard (login here) to view in depth analysis and statistics from your ride.

If it's your first time using the app follow the on screen prompts to create a new ride, if you're returning just select "Start New +" at the top of the ride list screen to get to the home screen.

From the home screen, select Start at the top of the screen to start recording. Once you start recording, put your phone somewhere safe and go for a ride or drive.

You should always keep your phone away and out of use while you operate any kind of vehicle. MOTOrift doesn't require any interaction to use it while you ride or drive, it works behind the scenes so you can stay safe and keep your eyes on the road.

Directly below the start button will be your GPS speed and graphs.

The next data set is your accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic sensor output. If you're recording data and you select one it will bring up a live view of those sensors. If you stopped recording, selecting a data set shows a graph view of everything you recorded.

You can zoom in and dive into the data further with the RideView data viewer companion app after you sync your data.

Next up is your weather data, it uses a windchill algorithm and your average speed to show you a real feel temperature at speed. Select the temperature square on the left to refresh the data or the square on the right for the detailed wind chill screen. From the detailed windchill screen you can select a speed and temperature to see the wind chill under those conditions.

Back on the home screen, your miles (distance) traveled and average speed are next after the weather, select miles to refresh your miles if you haven't in awhile. Doing so will also update your times, which are the next dataset.

Your 1/4 mile, 0–60, 1/8 mile and 60 ft times are next. The companion app offers more options to view more data details and zoom in to your data to view stats from anywhere you select from your ride. These are just quick details about your times in the data recording app.

Below the hero image is a cloud status log, options for settings, sync, display mode, maps and help.

The Settings screens will let you choose auto login settings and to make a pin code required to use the app.

Sync will sync the current ride with your cloud account, read that tutorial here (LINK) if you aren't signed in you can sign in or sign up. The cloud account has free and premium tiers, as of this writing, May 2019 the free tier is 30 rides you can save to the cloud. You can always save as many as you'd like in the apps locally to your phone.

Next up on the home screen is a display option, it toggles a full screen simple display screen.

The maps option takes you to a screen prompting you to download the companion app for further analysis of your ride including maps.

Help is the last option on the screen and is how you got here. That means you made it through this tutorial! The companion app works very similar, once you've downloaded it you can find a similar getting started guide (or just go HERE).