Getting Started With MOTOrift

This guide will help you get started recording data with MOTOrift the Connected Motorcycle GPS Data Logger.

The MOTOrift platform consists of a few apps, use RideData to record data and RideView or the website dashboard (login here) to view in depth analysis and statistics from your ride.

With the RideData app downloaded and running on your phone, follow the instructions in the app to start a new ride and start recording your GPS location tracks and IMU or motion profile.

Once you start recording, put your phone somewhere safe and go for a ride. The app keeps your screen lit by defaults but you can turn it off or hide the app and use your phone as you normally would.

You should always keep your phone away and out of use while you ride. MOTOrift doesn't require any interaction to use it while you ride or drive it works behind the scenes so you can stay safe and keep your eyes on the road.

Select any square or data block to get more details about it.

The IMU or gravity sensor data (Roll, Yaw and Pitch) will be in live mode or history mode depending on whether you're recording data or not.

When you get done with your motorcycle ride or come to a resting point you can hit stop recording or if you want to keep recording but see your newest times scroll down and press "tap here to refresh" to refresh some of your ride stats.

For further analysis and a more detailed look into you ride you can sync your ride with your cloud account to view it on the website dashboard and the companion apps.

Read the Motorift data view app get started guide here.