Updates June 2020

By Josh Willuhn. July 1, 2020

You might be thinking "June Updates in July what kind of blog is this?"

Updates for June focused around a new and hopefully improved error reporting library. But I also had to update a few other things to bring it into the age of new versions of Android.

Pretty boring I suppose. From a technical standpoint I migrated to AndroidX from the support.v7 library. Also the old Crashlytics is out and a new one is in with the new Firebase control panel. The Gradle versions and a few libraries updated as well. With last months updates it should be the final piece in getting it fully updated to modern Android.

Between everything this month and all of this I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I'm significantly closer to a full version. I'm going to launch a new download that uses app bundles instead of an APK file. It should take up less space on your phone BUT, it's a new download.

It'll have some feature updates too. Before I called it a day (worked 11am - 10pm today) I was making the map sync across all versions of the app. So you'll be able to choose a map style in one app and it shows the same style on the web app and cloud viewer app.

I also wrote some tutorials this month and more on the way. Well...that's June.

I'm @motorift on ig and twitter. Tune in next month, same moto time same, moto channel 😆



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